How To Learn English Language?

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How to learn the English language


Why do I have to learn English?

1. To get access to the original version of most data through the internet
2. To make new friends, acquaintances, expand networking
3. To find a well-paid and prestigious job
4. To learn any subject through online courses
5. To solve any problem by “how-to” videos
6. To communicate with people internationally
7. To move another country
8. To study abroad
9. More and more…

How to make this procedure easier and interesting?

The first requirement for learning a language is persistence because language is a habit rather than a science. You’ll pick up the language you want to learn soon as you surround yourself with it. For example, a small child learns his or her language from people around him or her without studying. It is the same for all language learners. Anyone may change his or her surroundings easily by small steps. The most famous language of our time is the English Language.

Let’s see how we may easily learn English.

1. Think in English, make your brain to train every second.

  1. Change the languages of all your digital devices to English. Firstly, focus on your mobile phones, tabs, etc. that you use them daily.
  2. Expand your vocabulary- increase the amount of the words that you know. You can use books like “504 most essential words” or apps like “Memrise“, “Word bit(for android)”, FunnyDef forums etc…
  3. Follow daily news and read storybooks that overlap your language level. Use online sources like “BBC English learning“. You may find many alternatives by googling as well.
  4. Find tools that will make you do something daily. I would recommend you “Duolingo”. Every day 10-15 minutes is quite enough but as I said EVERY DAY! Plus you may join platforms for language learners such as “Hello Talk”, “Speaky”, “Tandem” and others…
  5. Follow famous people who are native speakers of the language you want to learn. Paint your social networks to your target language.
  6. Watch videos and listen to audio materials daily as much as possible. “English podcasts by British Council ” is an awesome tool for me. It is specially designed for English learners. The podcasts start from the elementary level and go to advanced. Don’t forget taking notes while listening to podcasts. You may adjust the speed of the speech, enable lyrics, etc. The app is very-very handy one and strongly recommended.
  7. Use the default Apple Podcast app that comes on Apple or install Google podcasts to your android device and subscribe to the topics that you like or familiar with them.
  8. Don’t forget having fun while learning English. Watch cartoons and movies, listen to songs with lyrics. Especially songs are the best way to keep new words in mind as it comes with music.
Study English by...

how to learn English language – tools for studying English in 2020

Finally, we may increase the options but you must complete these tasks daily. Focus on the activities that you are able to do them daily and again be persistent! Learning any language takes time! It is the nature of learning. Be positive, and never give up on your dreams!

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